Why Digital Transformations Are Great For Businesses

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently stressed the importance of business’ across all different industries undergoing a digital transformation of the way they deliver their services, noting that “building their own digital capability is the new currency driving every organisation’s resilience and growth.” Nadella noted that companies were successfully refining their services by embracing digital technology, in the form of increased usage of cloud platforms, internal service capabilities, and IT services, and it was also noted that while the pandemic may have prompted a rush in companies seeking to redefine their work practices through embracing IT services, a large shift across all industries to digital only platforms was inevitable. Organisations that want to keep their competitive edge need to ensure their business practices are up-to-date and in-line with modern business trends, and thus, would benefit from undergoing a complete digital transformation of their services.

An effective digital transformation works at integrating digital processes into your business practices, whilst phasing out traditional, hard-copy, ways of operation, to achieve a number of interrelated goals, including:

  • Redefining how your business operates, ensuring that business practices are streamlined, and more accessible and efficient. This takes the form of auditing your business’ existing practice for inefficiencies, processes that could be streamlined, and convoluted business procedures. A digital transformation audit sees the business’ entire processes go digital, thus reducing paper trails and downtime, improving productivity, and demonstrating to staff, customers, and stakeholders that your organisation is committed to operating in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Delivering an enhanced, more effective customer service experience. By undergoing a digital transformation audit, business’ will alter the way in which they interact with customers and clients to deliver a stronger, more positive, experience for customers. This can take the form of cutting down their paper trail by sending correspondence to customers electronically, allowing for contactless interactions, and so on. Doing this makes customer interactions quicker, smoother, and easier, with customers being guaranteed the most efficient, effective service from business’.

A digital transformation is a modern solution for an age-old problem

An effective digital transformation provides a contemporary solution for long-standing problems that business’ have faced and continue to deal with. Issues such as incompatibility between different departmental systems resulting in downtime, inefficient service due to a high number of contact points that matters need to go through, and so on, are all traditional issues that are given a modern solution through a digital transformation audit.

Business’ across a range of industries will be able to gain distinctive, industry-specific, benefits from undergoing a digital transformation audit, and the ways your business stands to benefit from this depends on several factors, including the industry it is in, the size and scope of the operations, and so on. Here is an idea of some of the ways business’ stand to benefit from undergoing a digital transformation audit:

  • Business’ that work with cash flows, numbers, finances, and so on, stand to benefit from a digital transformation audit, as potential issues such as miscounts, incorrect quotes, delays due to manually inputting figures, and so on, will be all-but eliminated through a digital transformation. Companies in these industries that utilise digital processes will be able to instantaneously pull up quotes, ensure that sums are correct, and provide customers with instant financial reports, all of which would have taken time and effort before undergoing this process. This will make the business run more smoothly, effectively, and be more customer friendly.
  • Business’ working in the agriculture sector stands to benefit from a digital transformation of their services, as it makes their job easier when it comes to things such as monitoring their farms, performing routine inspections and maintenance, and so on, all of which were traditionally done in person. Through an effective digital transformation, business’ will be able to implement systems to automatically chart the progress of their crops, ensure that everything is running smoothly, and instantly notify them of anything that is not performing as it should.
  • Business’ in the wholesale and retail industries could benefit from a digital transformation, as it can significantly reduce the time spent performing tasks such as taking inventory, charting profit margins, ascertaining what stock is selling well and what is not, and so on. A digital transformation can see all of this done automatically, with accurate reports instantly sent to the relevant parties, which not only saves a significant amount of time, it also removes the margin for miscounts caused by human error.

By undergoing a digital transformation audit, your business is demonstrating a commitment to modern practices, reassuring customers and clients that working with you will be easy, fast, and hassle-free, and helping staff perform their duties in a stress-free, supportive, environment. It reduces the number of touchpoints and other points of contact between business transactions, ensuring that dealings are, in general, smoother, easier, and safer.

This can be applied across the whole business in a holistic manner, and greatly simplifies the process of work matters related to managing finances, maintaining client data, billing, staff rosters and duties, internal and external correspondence, and so on.

Regardless of its industry, size, or scope, your business stands to benefit from undergoing a digital transformation of its processes. However, the specific benefits your business will gain from this process will differ depending on those factors, so if you would like to learn more about how your business specifically stands to benefit from undergoing this process, then please call Anitech’s specialist consultants today on 1300 802 163. You will be able to have a free, short discussion about your business, how it conducts its operations, and what benefits you would like to get from this process.

They will then be able to explain to you how a digital transformation could be tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation, to ensure it receives the maximum benefit these standards offer. Isn’t that something worth changing your business structure for?

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