Why Successful Businesses Are Contracting A Certified Occupational Hygienist

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One of the key ways successful businesses have distinguished themselves from their competitors over the past 18 months is by adopting a clear, proactive approach to workplace safety. With worksites across Australia potentially exposed to a wide range of occupational hygiene risks, many successful businesses have been quick in identify the scope of risks their operations may be exposed to, and working to ensure they are within compliant levels. This shows a commitment to meeting their compliance obligations, keeping staff and customers safe, and developing a productive workplace conducive to both physical and mental wellbeing. Organisations can work at achieving these goals by contracting a certified occupational hygienist to conduct a thorough occupational hygiene audit of their worksite, keeping it safe from all potential occupational hygiene risks. This article will discuss why many successful businesses are working with a certified occupational hygienist to achieve these goals.

A certified occupational hygienist provides reassurance

All companies may be exposed to a range of potential occupational hygiene risks, which are environmental dangers that threaten the health and wellbeing of people onsite. Risks such as excessive noise, crystalline silica dust exposure, unsafe chemical handling, and so on, all endanger staff safety, and organisations must take appropriate steps to mitigate risks, ensuring they remain within compliant levels.

Many successful businesses are contracting the services of a certified occupational hygienist to achieve this objective, as they utilise scientific processes to minimise risk, thus keeping workplaces safe and providing reassurance to the public about the businesses compliant safety practices.

A certified occupational hygienist travels to workplaces, under COVID-Safe conditions, to conduct a thorough occupational hygiene audit of the scope of onsite occupational hygiene risks. Many successful business’ contract their services, as they recognise that an occupational hygienist can identify the extent of occupational hygiene risks the business is exposed to, and clearly document them so the company has full knowledge of what risks need to be addressed.

They then use scientific processes to measure the extent of workplace exposure to occ. hygiene risks, to determine whether they are within the business’ compliance obligations. If any risks are assessed to exceed compliant levels, the occupational hygienist can then help the company develop appropriate control measures for bringing the risks to compliant levels, and ensuring they remain there. That is, certified occupational hygienists conduct a systematic occupational hygiene audit to help businesses meet and maintain their compliance obligations.

Effective industrial hygiene practices are easily achieved through this process

Occupational hygiene is also known as industrial hygiene, as it is a scientific process designed to keep workplaces safe from all environmental risks. Many successful companies contract the services of a certified occupational hygienist as they make a potentially difficult process easy, they provide an in-depth service to ensure nothing is overlooked, and help their clients develop straight-forward processes for upholding their compliant occupational hygiene practices in the future. Organisations stand to gain several benefits by undergoing this process, including not being at risk of fines, developing a more efficient operations and thus minimising expenses, reducing downtime, and providing a reassurance to employees, clients, and the general public that they are a safe business to deal with. In today’s competitive marketplace, this can work at distinguishing an organisation from its competitors.

Our specialist consultants can help make this process easy

After reading this article, you may have some queries about the specifics of this process, how it can be conducted in a way so as to not interrupt the operations, what business’ should be doing to prepare, and so on. Please contact our specialist consultants today by filling out this simple contact us form, or by phone on 1300 802 163, for a quick, no obligation consultation about this process, and how it can benefit your operations. They can answer any questions you may have, provide you with more detail about the specifics of the process, and then arrange for a certified occupational hygienist to visit your workplace, under COVID-Safe conditions, at a time that best suits you to conduct an occupational hygiene audit, thus helping your company stay a competitive industry player. Doesn’t that sound like a key to success?


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