Four Reasons Why Businesses Need An Environmental Management System

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It has never been more important for companies to actively demonstrate that they are mindful of the potential environmental impact of their business practices, and are taking active steps to mitigate them. Over the past 19 months businesses across Australia have significantly altered their working arrangements and, as a result, many have developed more efficient, streamlined ways of serving customers. It is crucial that businesses are mindful of how their operational activities could impact the environment, and take active steps to mitigate the effects. Doing so helps companies meet their compliance obligations, develop more effective operational practices, and build a reputation as a socially conscious organisation. Companies can work towards achieving these goals through the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS). This article will discuss four key reasons why businesses should implement one, and the benefits it may bring them.

  1. An EMS helps organisations keep costs down

By certifying to the internationally recognised ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standards, organisations will be able to develop effective, cost-saving practices across their operations. ISO 14001 is a Business Management System that helps companies audit their existing processes for inefficiencies, and reduce their overall energy consumption.

By implementing this EMS, businesses must review their existing energy usage practices to ascertain its impact on the environment and what costs are being incurred. The business will then work at substituting these with more cost-effective, environmentally friendly practices. To give one example, many businesses keep lights on in rooms that are not being used, leave computers on when staff are away from workstations, and so on. Through ISO 14001 certification, businesses will review these processes to see what can be changed to ensure they continue to deliver the same high-quality service, whilst using less energy in the process.

Turning off electrical sources that are not being used, switching to environmentally friendly lightbulbs, and implementing signage across the office reminding staff to be mindful of the power they use are just some of the ways that an EMS could help businesses reduce their energy usage, and operate in a more socially conscious manner.

  1. Increases staff morale and engagement

The development of socially sustainable practices is an important issue for all companies today; not being able to demonstrate a commitment to environmentally friendly practices can be detrimental to a business’s reputation. Many people are reluctant to work for a company that is not mindful of its social responsibilities, and through ISO 14001 certification businesses can show staff that they are aware of the potential impact their business activities could have on the environment, and are taking active steps to minimise the impact.

This can work at increasing staff morale and engagement, as socially conscious employees will actively notice that the business is developing environmentally friendly practices. Further, as previously discussed, businesses can encourage staff to actively participate in this process by limiting their energy usage, paying attention to relevant signage, and so on. Collectively, this works at keeping staff engaged and motivated.

  1. Ensures businesses are meeting their legal responsibilities

All businesses must meet appliable environmental compliance obligations, which ensures their business practices are not actively harming the environment. The specifics of what must be met will depend upon factors such as their business industry they operate in, their location, size, and so on. ISO 14001 certification helps organisations keep up with their environmental obligations. By doing so, they reduce the risk of incurring expensive non-compliance fines, and uphold their reputation as a socially conscious company.

  1. Creates new trading opportunities

In our socially conscious society, many companies that are already ISO 14001 certified will be reluctant to conduct business with a company that is not. This means that businesses that do not certify to an EMS limit their trading opportunities, restrict their growth opportunities and, overall, curtail their chances of becoming a leading industry player.

Through ISO 14001 certification, businesses can increase their networking opportunities, gain new trading partners, and ensure their company is able to reach its full growth potential.

Contact our specialist consultants to learn about more benefits

This article has discussed four important reasons why businesses should implement an EMS across their operations, and how doing so brings many benefits to a company. However, EMS certification is beneficial to organisation in other ways as well, including the development of more effective processes for managing and controlling risks, simplifying operational processes, keeping insurance costs down, and so on.

To find out what specific benefits ISO 14001 certification could bring to your organisation, please contact our specialist consultants today by filling out this simple online contact us form, or by phone on 1300 802 163 for a short, obligation-free discussion. All you need to do is tell them about your organisation, including its industry, location, and size, and they can explain to you some of the specific ways an Environmental Management System could benefit it. Following this, they can then arrange for an ISO 14001 consulting specialist to work closely with your company across the implementation process, to ensure it is conducted in a simple, hassle-free manner, and that it specifically addresses the environmental challenges you want to overcome. Doesn’t that sound like a welcome addition to your working environment?


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