How An Occupational Hygiene Audit Ensures Staff Safety

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Regardless of the industry your business operates in, the size of the operations, how many staff it employs, and other operational factors, it will be exposed to a range of occupational hygiene risks that threaten the physical and mental wellbeing of staff. However, the specific risks an operations is exposed to depend upon numerous factors, including those listed above. For example, organisations operating in the construction industry may be exposed to more occupational hygiene risks than traditional office work environments. It is crucial that all business’ thoroughly identify and safeguard against the scope of occupational hygiene risks their worksites may be exposed to. Doing so works at maintaining compliance, protecting the wellbeing of staff and customers, and maximising efficiency through the minimisation of downtime. This article will provide an overview of the many benefits an occupational hygiene audit brings to business’.

A certified occupational hygienist assesses and mitigates onsite risks

Before explaining why an occupational hygiene audit is so vital for business’, it is worthwhile to explain what an occupational hygiene risk is, and how they can impact business’. Occupational hygiene risks is a blanket term used to describe the scope of workplace environmental hazards that staff risk exposure to as they complete their duties. The risks can take a range of forms, from respirable crystalline silica exposure at construction sites, loud noise risks, poor indoor air quality, atmospheric contaminants, unsafe chemical handling, and so on.

All business’ have a responsibility to thoroughly identify the scope of onsite occupational hygiene risks their staff may be exposed to, take protective measures ensure these risks do not exceed compliant levels, and develop control measures to periodically measure the level of workplace exposure, ensuring that they never exceed compliant levels.

Getting on top of this task can be challenging if it is not approached in a methodical, systematic manner. For example, business’ need to identify and safeguard against the full extent of onsite occupational hygiene risks their staff may be exposed to, which requires a high level of scrutiny to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Further, companies need to be aware of all their compliance obligations, and work to successfully meet them in a systematic manner. Finally, they need to develop rigorous control measures for the continual monitoring of their occupational hygiene practices, to ensure that they are continuing to meet their compliance obligations.

Further, business’ across Australia have had their operations impacted by COVID restrictions, which ensure the safety of everyone whilst onsite. Different states and territories have different restrictions, as do various business industries, so it is crucial for companies to identify the compliance obligations that apply to their operations, and strategically work at meeting them.

By contracting a certified occupational hygienist your business will be able to successfully address the above challenges in a straight-forward, timely manner. The process is simple; the certified hygienist will travel to your worksite, under COVID-Safe conditions, to conduct a comprehensive audit of the extent of occupational hygiene risks the site is exposed to. They will identify all the risks, and measure them against the business’ regulatory compliance obligations, to determine whether the organisation’s occupational hygiene practices are meeting them. If it is discovered that a certain area is not meeting compliance standards, the auditor will work with the company to develop a straight-forward action plan that addresses the risks, and helps the business take corrective measures to bring the risks to compliance levels, and ensure that they stay there.

Your business will benefit in many ways

By undergoing this process, business’ stand to benefit in several ways, including:

  • Reassuring staff, customers, and regulatory bodies: The COVID pandemic has resulted in one of the biggest upheavals to Australian business practices ever. Many staff and customers are reluctant to visit workplaces, as they are concerned about exposure to a range of potential risks. By undergoing this auditing process, business’ can reassure people about their compliant, safe occupational hygiene practices which, in turn, can result in increased confidence in the company.
  • Less downtime and improved business processes: By undergoing an occupational hygiene audit, business’ are adopting a proactive approach to workplace safety. This means occupational hygiene risks will be eliminated before they impact workers and, thus, there will be less operational downtime, and improved efficiency.
  • Developing a simple approach to a complex matter: As discussed above, effective, compliant occupational hygiene practices can be difficult to achieve unless business’ adopt a systematic approach to working towards this goal. A certified occupational hygienist helps business’ with this process. For example, they can help ensure that companies do not accidentally overlook anything, that their control measures are sufficient, that the audit is conducted in the least disruptive manner, and so on.

Contact our specialist consultants for more information

After reading this article, you may want to know more about the particulars of this process, how they can be applied to your operations to ensure it reaps maximum benefit from it, and how it can be conducted in a smooth, hassle-free manner. Please contact our specialist consultants today by filling out this simple contact us form, or by phone on 1300 802 163 for a brief, obligation-free discussion about this process, and how your company could benefit from it.

Our specialist consultants can answer all your questions, address any concerns you have, and arrange for a certified occupational hygienist to visit your worksite, under COVID-Safe conditions, at a time most convenient for you. They can then start this process, and help your operations work towards it compliance goals. Doesn’t that sound like a solution worth learning more about?


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