ISO 27001: Make 2022 A Safe, Productive Year For Business

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With the holiday season now over, many businesses are aiming to get back into a ‘business as usual’ approach to operations. However, due to the increasing number of COVID cases across Australia, lots of companies are continuing to trial alternative work models, from a complete Work From Home (WFH) set up, to a hybrid WFH/office model, to fully working onsite. However, the shifting nature of workplaces can expose companies to risk; for example, staff may be accessing their work files via unprotected Wi-Fi networks, which unauthorised users may be able to access. A single data breach can severely impact a businesses ability to function, and put their reputation into question, which is why it is crucial that companies utilise strong information security practices. This article will discuss what organisations should be doing to protect their data.

An Information Security Management System ensures data security

Companies looking to develop effective, straight-forward information security practices should consider implementing the internationally recognised ISO 27001 Information Security Standards. This Business Management System helps organisations develop strong information security practices to uphold the CIA of their data: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Specifically, ISO 27001 helps companies develop and implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) across their operations, to help them develop a variety of strategies to uphold the integrity of their data, achieve regulatory compliance, and strengthen their overall operational processes. Some areas it can help with include:

  • Increased understanding and improvement of information security practices: Through ISO 27001 certification, businesses will comprehensively audit their existing practices, identify and fix weak points, and develop a comprehensive, stronger information security network. Through this process, staff will familiarise themselves with both common and not so common IT risks, how to identify them, what action to take in the event of an incident, and so on.
  • Increased business reputation: By implementing ISO 27001, companies are showing their stakeholders, staff, and customers that they are committed to strong information security practices, and that the confidential data the company holds is secure. This can work at distinguishing an organisation from its competitors, giving it a competitive edge.
  • Minimising costs, and increasing profits: Businesses that have their data successfully breached are at risk of a range of financial penalties, loss of consumer confidence, and a decreased reputation. Through ISO 27001 certification, companies are proactively working at upholding their data security, minimising the costs associated with fixing data breaches, and ensuring their overall operations continues to run smoothly. Not only does this help minimise costs, it can also lead to a profit increase.

Penetration testing helps businesses find and fix information security weaknesses

Some companies may be unsure about the strength of their existing information security networks, and want a clear understanding of the damage a potential hacker could do. This will allow them to take preventative action to fix potential weak points, and significantly minimise the chances of a hacker breaching their network.

By undergoing the penetration testing process, businesses can achieve the above goals. Also known as ethical hacking, this sees IT experts simulate a cyber attack on a businesses IT network to identify potential weaknesses. Through the pen testing process, companies will learn about where their potential network weaknesses lie, what sort of damage a hacker could do, and then take protective measures to address these.

The pentest process can complement ISO 27001 certification, and help a business prepare for a productive, profitable 2022, safe in the knowledge that their information security networks are as strong as they could be.

Our specialist consultants are here to help with this process

After reading this article, you may have some questions about the specifics of these processes, how they can be tailored to your operations, how long a process takes, and so on. Please contact our information security specialists today by filling out this simple online Contact Us form, or by phone on 1300 802 163 for a quick, zero obligation consultation.

All you need to do is tell them a bit about your company, including its industry, size, and particulars of its existing IT network, and they can then explain what your organisation should be doing to uphold the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its data, keeping it out of hacker’s hands.

Following this, they can then arrange for one of our specialist consultants to work closely with your company to help it achieve the scope of its information security goals, uphold its reputation, and maximise the chances of 2022 being a productive, profitable year for the company. Doesn’t that sound like a secure idea?

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