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We are approaching that time of the year where many people make personal New Year’s Resolutions about what goals they aim to achieve over the coming year. This is to both improve themselves as an individual and demonstrate a commitment to deciding on personal growth goals and working towards them. New Year’s Resolutions are not restricted to personal goals, as around this time many companies establish clear targets about what their operations should be achieving over the coming year, and then start developing a plan to achieve them. In fact, businesses should be committing to this, as by doing so they can work towards developing a clear Action Plan to realise their targets. Here are some strategies that businesses could be implementing to maximise the chances of 2022 being a great year for their company.

Look at what challenges your organisation experienced and investigate what solutions exist

There exists a solution to most challenges, and businesses need to work at developing a plan to work towards it. For example, the adjustment to a work from home setting that many companies have experienced over the past two years has resulted in heightened information security concerns, with businesses mindful about unauthorised users accessing their confidential data. Lots of companies have found that a solution to this problem is implementing the internationally recognised ISO 27001 Information Security Standards, which help businesses develop and maintain an Information Security Management System to uphold their data security. Other companies have found it useful to commission ethical hackers to ‘attack’ their IT networks, in a process known as penetration testing, to assess for vulnerabilities, so they can work at fixing them.

Many companies struggling to keep up with the scope of their work health and safety obligations, and guarantee staff and customer safety in the process, have found implementing the ISO 45001 Standards, through which they create and maintain an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, has been helpful. Through this, they can develop a proactive approach to work health and safety practices, and prevent workplace injuries from occurring.

In fact, regardless of the operational challenges a business is experiencing, a solution likely exists for it. Companies trying to develop more environmentally friendly business practices have benefitted from implementing an Environmental Management System, organisations looking to streamline their services have found a Quality Management System to be invaluable, and businesses working at minimising their paper trail have found the digital transformation process to be advantageous.

Establish what your operational goals are

By clearly establishing what your businesses operational goals are, companies can get started on working towards them, and preparing for a fantastic 2022. One challenge is that lots of companies know they need to improve their operations in some way, but they are unclear of the specific actions they should be taking.

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All you need to do is to discuss your operations with them, tell them a bit about some of the challenges it is facing that you would like to address, and they can then explain to you what Business Management System or service could be implemented to help your company achieve its targets. Following this, they can then arrange for a specialist consultant to work closely with your business throughout the implementation process, ensuring it clearly achieves its targets, and is ready for a fantastic 2022. Doesn’t that sound like a New Year’s Resolution worth keeping?

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