What is Rewarding About Working In Audiometric Testing

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For many employees on noisy work sites having good hearing is not merely something that is nice to have so they can listen to the radio while working, it can be the difference between staying safe on the job, and spending months in the hospital recovering from a severe workplace injury. Heavy machinery, trucks, construction site ambience, and so on, all have a distinctive audible noise that people hear which can often immediately signify what the noise is, its distance from them, whether it is doing what should be doing, and so on. These are all important audible signs that employees take in throughout their workday, and it helps keep them safe while at work. If their ability to hear noises clearly was affected, they risk not being able to do their job properly, or increased danger from a workplace incident.

For this reason, Anitech conducts regular audiometric testing, to help employers promote a safe, supportive workplace, help employees stay safe, and achieve industry compliance. ­­­­­­To best ensure business downtime is minimised, and that employees are in an environment in which they feel comfortable, our audiometric tests are conducted remotely on business sites, though our mobile unit trucks.

To help business’ achieve industry compliance, all testing is conducted in accordance with the National AS/NZS 1269:4:2014 Occupational Noise Management Standards, and they utilise the most up-to-date audiometric software programs. Testing is conducted by our team of industry qualified audiometric consultants, who work with our group of Occupational Hygiene consultants, to ensure tests are conducted safely, smoothly, in compliance with industry and legal requirements, and that they are conducted in a safe, supportive environment.

A day in the life on an audiometric consultant

To get a better idea of what a typical day is like for an Anitech audiometric consultant, and some of the benefits testing brings to business’, we reached out to Tony, who has been conducting these onsite audiometric tests for Anitech for the past year. We asked him about his experiences conducting onsite tests, and he responded that it is both a challenging and rewarding role. Tony said that “it’s the interaction with the people you are testing that is probably the most rewarding part of the job”, going on to state that while it is a highly technical procedure on his part, he felt that a significant benefit of the role was helping people by talking through the process with them, allaying their anxiety, and “having them leave with a more positive outlook on it. They might come in with a negative outlook about the process. I’d say the majority of people leave with a more positive outlook of the process.”

Tony went on to explain that a day in the life of an audiometric tester sees them utilising a combination of technical and interpersonal skills, and that developing a balance between simply conducting the test, and chatting to the people getting tested to put their mind at ease, was a fine process: “Sometimes people are suspicious about why they are being tested, that’s part of the job, allaying any fears… The rewarding part of it is the interaction, being able to explain the results, some people have had a test before, but no one has ever explained the results.”

Tony noted that part of what makes the role so interesting is the high level of human interaction, as you are talking with people about the test, and they respond by telling him about themselves. He said that what always makes his day is when he has a particularly positive experience with a customer, who are happy with how things went: “I have had a client, at the end of the testing, saying how happy they were with the process, and saying how smoothly it went, and saying “would you mind if I recommended you to one of our neighbouring businesses?””

A positive customer experience is something every business wants, as it demonstrates that they were happy with both your level of technical expertise, and your effective interpersonal skills, and when it comes to audiometric testing, Anitech hears that message loud and clear, and assures customers of a professional, hassle-free, process.

If you feel your business would benefit from employee audiometric testing, then please give Anitech’s consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. They will be able to hear your message, discuss with you the particular requirements of your business, and go onsite to conduct industry compliant, certified, hassle-free audiometric testing of your staff in a safe, supportive manner. Isn’t this the kind of loud, supportive message you would like people to hear about your business?

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