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Anitech has had a very positive response from the wider business community about our upcoming webinar on How business’ can get the edge by implementing the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards, which will be hosted via Zoom on Wednesday, the third of March, at 11am AEDT. It will be hosted by Anita Patturajan, director of Anitech, and feature two of our Integrated Management Specialists, Julian and Fadi, as key speakers. Spots are limited and quickly filling up, so to ensure that no interested parties miss out, we encourage people to RSVP a place ASAP.

You can reserve a spot at the webinar by clicking on this link Webinar Registration – Zoom. It will run for one hour, and feature fifty minutes of practical insight, first-hand examples, and a thorough discussion as to how the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standards provide business’ with proven successful strategies for strengthening their work health and safety practices, identifying and safeguarding potential weak points, and in general, developing a safer, more supportive work environment, which has clear, compliant procedures in place for what to do in the event of an incident.

Some of the key insights at this webinar will be how occupational health and safety concerns have changed significantly over the past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic completely redefining how many business’ operate. Our key speakers will discuss how these standards provide companies with effective strategies for getting a handle on their OH&S responsibilities, developing a clear documentation trail that thoroughly outlines what steps the business has taken to achieve regulatory compliance, and a discussion of some of the benefits companies of all different shapes, sizes, and industry types have received after implementing these standards.

Further, Anitech understands that many business’ have unique set-ups, operating styles, and other working styles that may not be common amongst the wider business community, and so, they are unclear as to how these standards can benefit them. To help with this, Anitech’s webinar will feature a ten-minute Question and Answer session at its conclusion, where attendees can ask Julian and Fadi their specific queries, and have a short chat with them about how these standards can be applied to their operations to ensure their business gets the maximum benefit from them.

Remember to RSVP your spot to our webinar, as it is generating significant interest amongst the business community, and thus, places are quickly filling. However, if you would like to get in early to find out how your business stands to benefit from the implementation or migration to these standards, then please give Anitech’s safety consultants a call today on 1300 802 163 for a brief, free-of-charge consultation. By giving them an overview of your business, including its industry, size, whether work is done remotely or onsite or a combination of both, and so on, they will be able to explain to you how these standards could be specifically implemented across your operations, to strengthen your processes, attain regulatory compliance, and overall, develop a safer, more productive work culture. Doesn’t that sound like a risk-free proposition?

Please click here to read more about the topics that will be discussed at Anitech’s March webinar.


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