This Upcoming Webinar Can Help Your Business Achieve Compliance Targets.

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Blurb: It can be a challenging task for business’ to keep up with their compliance requirements, as well as strategically manage a scope of business risks. By attending this upcoming webinar, business’ will gain key insights and strategies into effectively achieving their compliance targets, and developing clear, straight-forward strategies for effective risk management.

Keeping on top of your business compliance obligations can take a lot of time and effort for organisations, especially if they do not approach this task in a clear and structured manner. However, by developing simple and straight-forward processes, business’ are able to not only easily achieve their compliance goals, but they can also strengthen their overall operations, by removing inefficient procedures and replacing them with proven successful processes, which significantly increase their chances of achieving their larger business objectives. To help business’ develop effective strategies to successfully manage risks and achieve their compliance goals, later this month SAS IT will be hosting a free webinar on this topic for business’, and it would be beneficial to business’ of all types, industries, and sizes to attend.

Titled Don’t Get Derailed by Compliance & Regulatory Risks, the webinar will be hosted on Thursday, the 27th of May, at 9am AEST. The speakers at the webinar will be Tony Wilson, Client Director of SAS IT (Implementation), Michael Gibbs, Chief Executive of SureStep (Product), and Anita Patturajan, the Managing Director of Anitech. These three experts will be providing an overview of some potential compliance and regulatory risks that business’ may be exposed to, and then provide practical insight into some effective, straight-forward strategies for protecting a company from the scope of these potential risks. Please RSVP here at your earliest convenience, to ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insight at this informative session.

The speakers will discuss their own experiences helping companies navigate these challenges, and offer key insight into the most effective practices for managing and upholding risks, such as:

  • Compliance: They will discuss how achieving compliance is something that all business’ should strive for, as it can significantly improve their overall operations, eliminate downtime, and maximise productivity, and that by embracing rather than fearing compliance requirements, business’ are maximising their chances of success.
  • Digitization: They will discuss how the digitization process for business’ helps them significantly enhance their overall systems by removing inefficient paper trails, and replacing them with a more straight-forward, organised approach to business. Other insights to be included will be how the pandemic changed how companies’ manage Health & Safety risks, but through this challenging experience organisations’ have been given the opportunity to significantly improve their operations, and develop more effective ways of doing business.
  • Best Practice: The speakers will discuss some proven successful strategies for how business’ can develop the most effective, efficient practices across their operations, significantly improve their systems, and minimise downtime. They will discuss how companies can avoid duplication of tasks, effectively manage their databases, and collect the highest quality data.

Achieving compliance can be straight-forward and cost effective.

One of the key take away messages of this webinar is that achieving regulatory compliance does not have to be time-consuming and costly, provided business’ use the right tools and employ effective strategies to achieve their goals. Be sure to RSVP for this webinar, as it will be an informative, interesting session, offering lots of practical insight and effective strategic advice, in understandable, accessible terms.

However, if you are keen to learn more about some effective strategies for achieving regulatory compliance, and are unable to attend the webinar, then please give Anitech’s specialist consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. All you need to do is give them a brief overview of your operations, including its industry type and size, and some of the compliance goals it needs to meet, and they will be able to discuss with you some effective strategies for ensuring your business achieves these goals in a clear and easy manner. What could be more straight-forward than that?

Please click here to read about strategies for selecting an appropriate, relevant ISO certification body for your business, to help it achieve its compliance goals.


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